What Do I Do?

Visual Communication. Whether it is in print or web design. Magazine ad or billboard. Logo or icon. I've done it.

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Ad Design

Modern and clean designs for ads, posters, mailers, and out of home.

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Editorial Design

Brochures, pamphlets, magazines, or newspapers.

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Web Design

Latest designs utilizing Html5 and CSS3 Code with SEO.


This is a sampling of my work.

Closers Choice

Website for Closers Choice

ClientClosers' Choice
DateAugust 2016
MethodHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

This website is in the process of being redesigned. You may view the old website at, closerschoice.com.

Text Notify

Website for Text Notify

ClientText Notify
DateFebruary 2016
MethodHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

This is one of the companies of Millennium Software Developers Inc.

Medical Compliance Associates

Website for Medical Compliance Associates

ClientMedical Compliance Associates
DateJuly - August 2016
MethodHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

This website is in the process of being redesigned. They have hired a writer to rewrite all of the copy. You may view the old website at, medcompinc.net.

Success Builders

Website for Success Builders

ClientSuccess Builders
DateMay 2015
MethodHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

The Gift Goes On Inc.

Website for The Gift Goes On Inc.

ClientThe Gift Goes On Inc.
DateApril 2016
MethodHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

This is a finished website, however they are going through the legal process to become a non-profit organization. They continue their ministry and collect through another organization.


Billboard Poster

ClientWest Fest Productions
DateFebruary 2004
CatagoryOut of Home Advertising
LocationPalm Springs California

I was Art Director for Fairway Outdoor Advertising in Palm Springs, Califoria.

Book Drive

Public Service Ad for Book Drive

ClientDuval County
DateJuly 2013

I love to do public service ads. It's always great for the sponsor as well as the charity.

The Lobster Co.

Billboard for The Lobster Co.

ClientThe Lobster Co.
DateJuly 2003
CatagoryOutdoor Design
LocationPalm Springs

Extensions in billboard advertising when used properly attracts attention, and makes a memorable experience.

Emporer's Palace

Billboard for Emperor's Palace

ClientEmperor's Palace
DateMarch 2002
CatagoryOutdoor Design
LocationBermuda Dunes

Great outdoor has to be brief, witty and a touch of humor. The extensions help attract attention.

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    Closers' Choice


  • Text Notify

    Closers' Choice


  • Medical Compliance Associates

    Medical Compliance Associates


  • Success Builders

    Success Builders


  • The Gift Goes On Inc.

    The Gift Goes On Inc.


  • Artfest Poster



  • Book Drive

    Book Drive

    Newspaper Ad

  • The Lobster Co.

    The Lobster Co.


  • Emperor's Palace

    Emperor's Palace


Who Am I?

I'm a Graphic Designer, an Art Director, and a Businessman.

team 1

Rich Macyczko

Graphic Designer

This is where it all begins.

team 1

Richard Macyczko

Art Director

This is the graphic designer
with all of the responsibilities.
I work closely with the marketing department,
ask all of the questions, and make sure that
the final designs meet all of their requirements.
Then it is on to production and/or insertion.

team 1

Richard L Macyczko


I'm not here to win design awards.
It is a business, your business.
Whether my goal is to boast sales or
improving your image, I must never lose
sight of that. I work for you.

About Me

I have a passion for what I do. Graphic Design is not just about what something looks like, but what it can say before it is read. My professors and mentors were some of the best ad professionals from New York to Boston. Design is not just the look but the phycology of the design. That is what I strive for. A good design should evoke an emotion, whether it is a smile or tear. That is when you have their attention.


  • Graphic Design • QuarkXPress - Adobe InDesign - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator

  • Web Design • Html5 - Css3

  • Project Management - MS Project

  • Microsoft Office • Word - Excel - PowerPoint

Project Management

I have been a Project Manager throughout my professional career. Tight budgets and time schedules for advertising and marketing campaigns demands organization. My training for Project Management Professional Certification, and MS Project has proven to be priceless.

Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity.

What Is Good Design?

Eye catching, memorable, witty, brief, and conveys your top selling point.

"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away."

My Clients

Contact Me

I'm a good listener because I do not believe in "cookie cutter," design. Who you are and how you do what you do is very important.

I'm passionate about helping the smaller entrepreneurs create their identity but also manage larger corporate accounts.

1249 Ribbon Road • Saint Johns, Florida 32259


904 . 742 . 5252

1249 Ribbon Road • Saint Johns, Florida 32259